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7 Best Office Exercise Equipment 2020 Ultimate Guide – Best Buyer’s Guide And Reviews 2020 2021 2022 2023

By Henry Kaswandi


Office exercise equipment. Most people who spend 3,500 days at work over their lifetime, do not associate exercise with work. Everyone must know that exercise or physical activity is a good thing for the body and the mind.

According to a study by the US Department of Health and Human Services, 80 percent of US adults are less active.

Many jobs are physically inactive, which may harm the worker’s health. The state of inactiveness may increase the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Many busy or working people lead sedentary lifestyles in today’s world globally. Most office workers do not go out to have a lunch break.

They prefer eating at their desks and spending less time on their feet. Health is the main reason that more movement should be incorporated into the working day.

Exercise can have a positive impact on work output and personal health. Office workers may not know what exercises to do while sitting. There are many options for physical activities or exercise you can do during working hours, and these are the list.

This stationary mini exercise bike is perfect for exercising in your office because it allows you to get cardio activity. You can do it while you are working.

You can also do the exercise after office hours to cut down on your workout time outside of the office. Its low profile and the wide base are great for various types of office spaces.

You can get many benefits with this DeskCycle pedal exerciser such as building muscle endurance, achieve losing weight. You can start right away because it is easy to assemble.

Exercising with this product will burn calories, improve productivity, and keep you focused on the office. It comes with five function LCD display to show torched calories, distance, speed, and time.

You can adjust the resistance setting to up to eight different settings, from easiest to the most challenging pedal exercisers. You can work out at the setting with from low, medium or high resistance setting. 

If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you begin with a low resistance setting and gradually increase the higher setting as you get fit. This gradual increase helps prevent injuries and sore muscles. 

If you are an experience pedal exerciser, you begin at medium resistance.

Portability is one of the major benefits of this pedal exerciser. It can be carried in your car’s trunk.

The pedal exerciser can help you exercise different muscles groups in the lower and upper body, not only for your leg muscle. The lower body muscles are exercised the same as when using a traditional bike.

This pedal exerciser can work on flexors, calves, glutes, hips, hamstrings, and quadriceps. The peddling motion can help strengthen your legs, after an injury.

If you want to work on your hand, you require to prepare a stable table or countertop. For better results spread a rubber mat on your table before placing the exerciser on top.

Hand exercise will enhance the forearms, biceps, shoulder muscles, and triceps. You can gradually increase the resistance.

To start, have 150 minutes workout to earn significant benefits to your lower and upper body.

This Cubii Pro Seated Under Desk Elliptical Machine product allows you to exercise throughout the day at the office. Exercising with this machine allow you to have the right posture.

You can slip this machine under your desk. You can gradually increase the levels of resistance up to eight settings as you get fit.

The Cubii Pro syncs calories burnt, distance, and steps with your Apple Health Kit, Fitbit smart bands, Android and iPhone, to set and track your goals.


Here is the benefits of using this elliptical machine.

  • Boost your cardio and stamina capacity. Aerobic exercise is an essential part of a balanced exercise. Your heart and lungs require to work harder to provide your muscles with more oxygen and blood. This elliptical machine will give you a good aerobic workout, that can strengthen your muscle, lungs, and heart. The workout can help you build endurance and stamina. You can perform high-intensity interval training and steady-state cardio workouts.
  • Burn calories. If you want to burn calories in a short amount of time, use this elliptical machine. You can do it at your office. This machine can burn about 270 to 400 calories in half an hour. Burning more calories will help you lose weight. Increase the intensity of your elliptical workouts.
  • Target specific leg muscles. You can change the incline and resistance of the foot pedals. This change can target different muscles in your lower body. You can target your calves, hamstrings, quads, and glutes. If you increase the incline, the backside of your lower body is burning. On a lower setting, you feel your quads working harder. Since the foot pedals go in reverse, focus more on your hamstrings and glutes.
  • Improve your balance. If you stand up straight, you can target your core muscles and work on your balance. Set the incline and resistance at a manageable level to use this elliptical machine safely.
  • Maintain fitness after injury. After an injury, you can not participate in your regular physical activities. To keep working out, an elliptical machine can be an excellent way to maintain your fitness. The exercise puts less stress on your joints because it is a low-impact exercise. Working out on this elliptical machine help you regain full range of motion. You can strengthen your muscles and joints while taking the stress off of your injured area.
  • Put less stress on your joints. Your hips, ankles, knees, and other joints can take pressure when running or doing other high-impact cardio exercises. Your feet never lift off the pedals with an elliptical machine to provide a low-impact type of cardio workout. An elliptical workout can lower weight-bearing. With this elliptical machine, you can continue training without the tear and wear that comes with high-impact exercise.

Having this LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 treadmill desk can get your steps in throughout the day while you are working in the office. Working on this treadmill is an effective way to add exercise throughout the day while doing work.

By doing treadmill, it lowers joint pain and increases your energy. This exercise can make you stay in shape.

This treadmill is equipped with high capacity 2.25 hp electric motor that comes with a 20-by-50-inch walking surface. You can store this treadmill using its portable wheels for mobility providing a space-saving.

It has a console to display step count, run time, walk time, distance travelled, and calories burned. You can sync your workout data using the Bluetooth capability to an Android or iPhone using LifeSpan’s free Active Trac app.

You can take advantage of using this balance ball chair to activate the muscles in your body during office hours. You can still feel comfortable doing your task while providing your muscles with healthy tension.


By using this balance ball chair you can:

  • Improve Balance. Improving your core stability improves balance. This balance ball chair can provide a positive influence on measures of falls, functional performance, balance, and strength. Try bouncing around, shifting your weight side to side to work better on your balance, and wake up your legs.
  • Get a workout in. You can get a quick workout in your office chair and act as an exercise ball. You can do a quick set of crunches or push-ups before your weekly meeting.
  • Get your brain active. Physical activity increases brain function. Using a balance ball chair brings physical activity to your workstation so it will activate your brain.
  • Improve your blood circulation. Sitting on a balance ball does not reduce circulation. If you bounce a little with a few exercises during office hours, your blood pumps much stronger compare to sitting on your office chair. Introduce yourself to more fun and fit office.
  • Reduce lower back pain. Sitting with moving around, changing positions, and proper posture will eliminate lower back pain over time. If you feel an increase in back pain after switching to this balance ball chair, you must be putting too much pressure on your lumbar spine. When you are feeling tired go back to your office chair and adjust so that your elbows are in line with your keyboard.
  • Improve your posture. Sitting on this balance ball chair forces you to improve your posture, engage your core muscle, and sit properly each day. Switching between your office chair and balance ball chair will provide more support to your lumbar spine and force you to sit straight all day.

These ankle weights can engage your body during office hours in a dependable and affordable way. They add resistance while you are walking in the office to strengthen your core and leg muscles.

They are one of the most crucial tools in creating a lifted butt, lean legs, and toned legs. The added weight allows the muscles to get resistance to work and activate hard enough to become prominent.

You use different weights for different ankle weight workouts to engage a variety of muscles even during office hours. These ankle weights can be used for different exercises standing.

Work the hips through accelerating and decelerating the motion. When you are standing up doing legs lifts, the ankle weight makes a difference in where you feel it.

For exercises in office hours with big ranges of motion, keep the weight light to reach the right muscles, and maintain balance. Use a medium-weight to make your butt active without putting pressure on the back.

Use the heaviest weight for front raises with thighs, to allow the runway muscles at the top of the thigh. It will also allow the runaway muscle in the front of the hip to become more prominent and to remove the bulk in the front of the thigh.

This Learniture learning stool helps you to sit in the proper ergonomic position during office hours while activating your core muscles. You can use it easily and comfortably.

Its pneumatic gas lift can adjust the seat height from eighteen to twenty-eight inches. The base is curved and non-slip that features many varieties of motion.

The 12 5/8″ wide seat is made of vinyl-covered foam that can be cleaned easily. Lightweight design for quick storage and mobility.

Instead of driving your car to work, get your cardio in by riding a bike or bike to work. This Bear Bike Milan Commuter Bike can save you money on a gym membership.

Who needs to go to the gym when you are cycling to work? You do not have to worry about how to schedule gym session or to keep motivated to go to the gym.

You will get your exercise each day yo go to work. You can place your briefcase or laptop bags in the center of the frame.

When you bike to work, you can lose about 13 pounds during your first year of cycling. Bike to work is an excellent way to work out your heart.

Cycling puts less stress on the joints than running. It is an excellent option when you are overweight and out of shape.

If you live in a metropolitan area that is congested during rush hour, you will not have to worry about it. Depending on how far away from work you live and how bad traffic is, you can get to work faster.

Office workers have a hard time finding places to park when they drive to work. Cycling to work will not give you trouble finding a place to store your bike.

Some cities provide bike storage to store your bike or park your bike in a rack or chain it to a pole.

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